Can I use a glove with Winter Leash products?
You may still use your favorite gloves! However, the Winter Leash Mitt is very warm and does not require gloves.

Which hand should I use with Winter Leash?
Winter Leash is ambidextrous. It does not matter which hand you use. Unlike your previous walks, the leash hand will now be your warmest hand.

What can I do with my other hand?
Place your non-leash hand where you normally would. In a jacket or pants pocket. Or in your favorite gloves.

How do I pick up my pet’s waste?
Please pick up pet waste like you always do. This typically takes two free hands. You may remove your hand from your Winter Leash and quickly re-insert it when done with the task.

Where can I find Winter Leash near me?
We are brand new in the 2015-16 winter season. Most of our sales are through our website or at select retailers and markets. If you know a pet store or other retailer you think might be interested in carrying Winter Leash please have them contact us! We’d like to spread the joy of warm hands to new places.

How does the Winter Leash heat up?
All Winter Leashes use your own body to warm up the mitt. The outer fabric blocks wind and cold while the high loft fleece inside traps the heat from your hand. There is no electricity or batteries in the Winter Leash styles.

Can I use hand warmers with Winter Leash?
Yes, you can still use non-flammable hand warmers. However, the material for the mitt body is so warm we think you might not need anything else to keep your hand comfortable. Please use caution and don’t leave an internally powered hand warmer in the Winter Leash.

Do you have other colors?
We would like to add more colors in the future. These fabrics are special ordered for wind and moisture resistance so we selected black, red and blue to launch the product.

What shipping options are available?
Priority Mail 1-3 day shipping is standard and no cost within the US.  Express mail is offered for an additional fee.  Canada and other countries are offered at rates in keeping with export shipping.  We try to offset those fees as best we can with an equiuvalent US priority cost incentive.

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