Winter Leash materials are chosen for performance with a preference for goods made in the United States.



Carabiners: A very light aluminum that is stronger than any dog owner will ever need. New lighter wire-gate models are available in 7 colors. Omega Pacific manufactures these carabiners in Washington State.


Swivel Shackles: The swivel allows your pup to run around and helps keep the leash from twisting & tangling. We recommend the swivel shackle for most well behaved dogs (not recommended for large dogs who pull excessively).

trigger snapTrigger snaps: Easy to open with a simple thumb motion, even with cold hands. Trigger snaps are also secure when under stress, unlike bolt snaps. At less than 1.5oz, it’s appropriate for all sizes of dogs.


Cord locks: These pull tight pull loose with a single hand. They also pull loose with a single hand. This feature makes it easier to operate with cold hands.

Zippers: A larger coil for smooth opening and closing, plus a larger zipper pull for easier use with cold hands. Our zippers are made in Georgia by YKK.


Windbloc Tech Cropped For Web

Mitt Material: Black and red Winter Leashes use a Polartec Windbloc material. WindBloc’s smooth face and middle layer block wind and moisture while a soft, high loft fleece against the hand is super comfy and holds in heat. These are special order fabrics since we couldn’t find any other standard material as comfortable while keeping your leash holding hand so warm.

Blue Winter Leashes use a limited edition Polartec PowerShield material. PowerShield’s very tight weave keeps out the elements while the inner side is one of the softest high loft fleece backings we’ve ever felt! This is a limited edition material and is not being made anymore. But we found some of the last rolls available. Powershield has some fantastic colors and if this material is a hit we hope to be able to do some special editions.

webbingWebbing: The center reflective strip is woven into the pattern so it won’t rub off or fade. At night, that little strip reflects a lot of the energy from headlights and streetlights so you and your pup can be seen easier. This webbing is made specially for Winter Leash and we are proud to source these materials from Murdock Webbing in Central Falls, Rhode Island.


Utility pocket material: A robust four way stretch allowing for poop bags, phones, keys and other items to be stored inside. Winter Leash uses the stretch material for the wrist closure as well. The same fabric is found in hiking & climbing gear so it has a resistance to abrasion. Tweave LLC weaves this material in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Flat elastics and cord material for the wrist cinches, inner pocket retainer and webbing keeper are all made in the US. These materials are found in numerous outdoor and military products and provide the strength and durability needed required for Winter Leashes.

99 Degrees Factory Pic CroppedProduction for all Winter Leashes is done at 99 Degrees Custom in Lawrence, Massachusetts. These are local people sewing our Winter Leashes just an hour or so from Boston.



Use and Care:

Cleaning: we recommend hand washing all Winter Leashes. The hardware may damage your washing machine or dryer and the cords and loops could get caught inside a machine.

Walking: Always hold your Winter Leash with the inner handles. You may also grab the webbing and shackle or carabiner hardware on the outside. Holding the mitt material and restraining your dog may damage the Winter Leash and allow your dog to escape.